The little corner of Bavaria near the Austrian border hides more treasures than one would expect. Up there in the Alps, there is a place called the Eagle's nest. Originally built for secret meetings of the German Nazi party this place has a lot of history to be explored. It used to be the summer residence of Adolf Hitler, now a major tourism destination. Here he worked on the plans to invade Russia during WWII. Take a walk on the top and on each side you will find the views mesmerising. While in the area, you can also see the Dokumentation Obersalzberg, a museum that chronicles the region’s sinister Nazi past. There are also some medieval landmarks including the abbey church, on the site of the 12th-century basilica, and the castle, which was originally the residence of the provosts and later the summer residence of the Bavarian kings. A day here will be filled with interesting history and amazing views.
But even if you don't call yourself a history aficionado you will appreciate the unmatched view of the Bavarian Alps, the King lake, the mountains and the valley all around.

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  • Eagle's nest - Enjoy the best scenic views of the Bavarian Alps from this historically significant vantage point
  • Paragliding in the Alps - The most adrenaline-filled experience with the best possible view of natural scenery
  • Winter sports in the corner of Germany - Get your ski on and try a little bit of sledging is the Winter Wonderland
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