Munich & Surroundings


Munich is probably Germany's most exciting city because it is a perfect bridge between the country's rich past and their prospective future. Here you will be equally amazed by the historical sites like the Marienplatz and the historical city centre as well as by the Allianz Arena or the BMW museum. Try going out of Munich for some special day trips like the Dachau concentration camp site which gives visitors valuable insight about the horrible events in the past or the fairy-tale like the castle of Neuschwanstein - the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping beauty.

Exclusively via Dream Tours:

  • Neuschwanstein trip - Disney castle in real life
  • Dachau concentration camp side - Take a step into the dark side of European history
  • Munich city tour - check out the best sights of this metropolis and afterwards try the famous Hofbrauhaus beer
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