This eco-friendly town forbade all non-electric cars from the city which means that while you are visiting Zermatt in the mountains you are breathing the crystal-clear air and marvel at one of the world's most notable mountains - the Matterhorn. You have seen pictures at the beginning of every Paramount movie and even on the logo of the very popular Toblerone chocolates, but did you know you could fly around the top in a helicopter on a scenic flight?

Exclusively via Dream Tours:

  • Matterhorn - Arguably the most famous European mountains appear in the logo of the Toblerone chocolate company as well as the Paramount pictures movies. Now you can see it with your own eyes
  • Skiing under the "Tooth" - Try hitting the slopes on the Swiss as well as the Italian side of the border
  • Alpine relaxation - After a day of hiking enjoy the high-end wellness services of selective 4* and 5* hotels in the city
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