A visual gem with a mythical air, Krakow is spread across both sides of the swift and beautiful Wisla River. Legends say that Krakow was founded after the defeat of a dragon, and the city is steeped with many other legends and myths which go along perfectly with its medieval architecture. Emerging from World War II as the only major Polish city that wasn’t reduced to rubble, it has been miraculously preserved and majestically restored. Old Town contains soaring churches, impressive museums and the vast Rynek Główny, Europe’s largest medieval market square. Another sight worth seeing is the marvellous ensemble that makes up Wawel, which is perched on top of a hill of the same name and located immediately south of the Old Town.This collection of buildings is by far the most important in Poland with a splendid assortment of predominantly Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance architecture dating back to the 14th century onwards.The architecture is breathtaking, as you walk through the Old Town it is a calm with the lighting and architecture giving you a serene stroll where Krakow blends its past with its present in such a perfect manner. This is a, essential visit should you come to Poland.

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  • Krakow historical city centre - The most beautiful historical sights Poland has to offer are located right here in the former seat of Polish kings
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp sights - Although this part of European history was very dark and haunting it is important to learn about it to prevent it from happening in the future. You would hardly find a more fitting place to really learn the truth
  • Wieliczka salt mine - A 327m deep mine was first opened in the 13th century and it had been making the nearby cities rich for centuries. Today you can explore the breath-taking structures the people have built so deep underground
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